Paul Fromm Event Successfully Shut Down

On Saturday, Anti-racists successfully shut down the Paul Fromm Event that was to be held at the Cadillac Club. Though the Cadillac Club initially said the event would take place and that they didn’t care who knew it, David Sheets did a 180 degree flip flop and cancelled the event as anti-racists arrived to protest it. This just goes to show that we can be success in opposing these types of events if we are organized and committed. congratulation to the folks out there on saturday and keep up the good work.


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More Background Information on Paul Fromm has published an article giving an overview of who Paul Fromm is and his involvement in the racist right.

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Picket Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm & the Cadillac Club Tomorrow (Saturday April, 12th)

Saturday, April 12th, Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm will be speaking at the Cadillac Club in Lansing.

Fromm is major leader in the Canadian racist scene. Fromm has attended white supremacist meetings including one held to mark the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s death; shouted “Scalp him!” at a meeting where a representative of the Native Canadian Centre was speaking; attended meetings and delivered speeches alongside well-known racists like American David Duke and Holocaust denier David Irving.

The Cadillac Club is owned by David Sheets, a Lansing businessman involved in local Republican politics. Sheets has been informed of who Paul Fromm is and has refused to cancel the event. Sheets has stated that “This event doesn’t effect him” and that “He doesn’t care if people know the event is happening at the Cadillac Club or not”. David Sheets has chosen to give white supremacists a venue for their bigotry and hate.

The Paul Fromm event will be a gathering of racists from around the state. Local racists Kyle Bristow and Evan Thomas (Cutner) are suspected of being involved in bringing Fromm to Lansing.

What You can do:

1. Picket the Cadillac Club and Paul Fromm:

Saturday April 12th
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Cadillac Club
1115 S Washington Ave
Lansing, MI 48910

2. Call the Cadillac Club and David Sheets demanding they cancel the event. Please do this between 11am and 3pm. Feel free to tell them what you think about local businesses that host white supremacist speakers.

Cadillac Club
(517) 853-1915

David Sheets’ office
(517) 371-2843

During these hard economic times when we should be uniting, Paul Fromm & David Sheets are dividing our community. Please join us in our opposition to Fromm’s Hate Speech and David Sheets’ complicity in that hatred. Help us send the message that hatred and bigotry have no place in our community.

In struggle,
Michigan Against White Supremacy

For more information on Paul Fromm:

Who is Paul Fromm

Background on Paul Fromm

SPLC article on Paul Fromm losing his teaching certificate

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Jared Taylor Speech at MSU Canceled

Late last month, Jared Taylor’s planned talk at Michigan State University was canceled. The MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) who was hosting the event was silent on why it was canceled initially, but eventually announced that it was due to pressures from the national YAF organization which threatened to revoke the MSU group’s charter if the event took place.

However, while it is good news that the Taylor event will no longer take place at MSU, Kyle Bristow–the former chair of Young Americans for Freedom–has said that the event may still take place:

“Mr. Taylor may yet come to Lansing, however. I have passed his name on to a local activist who arranges talks in the area, and I understand discussions about a possible lecture have already begun.”

If we find out that this event will take place, we will let you know.

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Send A Prewritten Letter to MSU

Please take a moment to send the following pre-written email to Michigan State University’s administration urging them to cancel racist Jared Taylor’s planned speech:

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Racist Jared Taylor to Speak at Michigan State University on March 19th

On March, 19th, Jared Taylor will be talking about how “multiculturalism is destroying western civilization”. He is part of the New Century Foundation and the American Renaissance Publication which seeks to justify racist ideas through science. The pseudo-science and manipulated data used by Taylor alleges for example that Hispanics are less intelligent than whites and that there is a racial hierarchy.

For an excellent article on what other racist things Taylor has to say, go to the article here

The msu chapter of young americans for freedom (sic) (MSU-YAF) is bringing Taylor. He will be speaking about how “multiculturalism is destroying western civilization.” The picture below, created by MSU-YAF, is a taste of just how overtly racist they are. This image is followed by quotes be Jared Taylor and can be found here. This is not about creating a debate, this is about dehumanizing entire sectors of our society. One way or another it has got to be stopped.


After Reading up on Taylor, Contact Michigan State University and tell them that he adds nothing to an intellectual debate and that his presence puts at risk the safety of already marginalized students. Tell them that this event is racist and encourages racist beliefs. Tell them that he is being brought here to incite hatred against members of our community and that it has to stop.

Tell them that this event needs to be canceled immediately.

MSU President Simon
Phone: 517/355-6560
Fax: 517/355-4670

VP for Student Affairs Dr. Lee June
Phone: 517-355-2264
Fax: 517-432-2855

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Community Speak Out Against Racism and Injustice!

Friday, October 26th
Meet at the
Rock – 6pm
(Michigan State University Campus on Farm Lane across from Bessey Hall)
March to Veterinary Medical Center
(Griffin will speak in E100 Vet Med Center)
Community Speak Out -7pm
In front of the Vet Med Center

Nick Griffin, holocaust denier and leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP) will be speaking on campus to promote a racist agenda and divide our university and community.


We reject this xenophobic speaker and feel the need to speak out against him.
Join us!

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