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Protest White Supremacists Tomorrow

On Saturday, Internet radio talk show host Hal Turner, members of various Ku Klux Klan groups, and other representatives of the organized racist movement will hold a rally in Kalamazoo in order to spew racist hate speech and attempt to attract new members to the racist movement.

In opposition to the event, there will be a protest to oppose the racists:

Bronson Park (corner of South Rose and West South St)

Bring signs, banners, noisemakers, and drums to make it clear that white supremacists are not welcome in Kalamazoo.


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Why We Can’t Ignore Hal Turner

Although some people say that ignoring the Hal Turner and the white supremacists is the best way to oppose them, we know from experience that ignoring a problem never makes it go away. These groups are not just the “fringe,” but rather they are actively organizing and attempting to gain new recruits in Michigan and beyond.

If hate groups do not encounter opposition to their activities in a community, they’ll take that to mean no one is willing to stand against them. Not directly opposing the white supremacists isolates the people they target — people of color, immigrants, religious or ethnic minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people, the disabled, womyn, etc. – making these communities feel like no one will support them. Because we recognize the struggles of these targeted groups of people and do not wish to ignore them, Michigan Against White Supremacy supports a visible and vocal counter-demonstration to the white supremacist rally on August 4.

Other opponents of counter demonstrating say the white supremacists should be allowed to speak because of the constitutional right to free speech. We say that giving racists and other bigots “free speech” silences the voices of entire groups of people through intimidation. We say that it is not just free speech because racist propaganda leads to racist violence.

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Call to Action: Oppose White Supremacists in Kalamazoo

On Saturday, August 4, the racist radio talk show host Hal Turner is holding what he is hoping will be a major white supremacist event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Turner’s event, dubbed a “Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism,” will feature speakers from various Ku Klux Klan groups, a pastor from the racist Christian Identity religion, and various racists not affiliated with any organized group. Moreover, invitations have been extended to nearly every organized white supremacist group from the Aryan Nations to White Revolution. Far from expressing concern about any issues affecting people in Kalamazoo, Hal Turner’s event is designed to act as a means of recruiting more people into the white supremacist movement and advancing their racist agenda.

Michigan Against White Supremacy is organizing a counter event because we believe that the white supremacists cannot be ignored. If we choose to ignore the white supremacists, they will be emboldened. If allowed to rally unopposed, the white supremacists will believe that they have the support of the community to enact their program of racist terror. Many of the white supremacists coming to Kalamazoo have advocated violence to achieve their political goals–expressing support for acts ranging from the “lynching” of African-Americans in Kalamazoo to the mass execution of Jewish people. We must stand up and oppose white supremacists as one of the many ways in which we can and should stand in solidarity and mutual struggle with oppressed groups.

We encourage people to protest in a way that effectively will silence the white supremacists’ message. In addition, we support people using a variety of methods and tactics to oppose the presence of white supremacists in Kalamazoo, provided that their actions are well-thought out and take into consideration their potential impact on the local community and other counter-demonstrators.

Meet at Bronson Park (South Rose and W. South St) in Kalamazoo, Michigan at 12:00pm. Brings signs, banners, noisemakers, and anything else that will help make it clear that white supremacy is not welcome in Kalamazoo, Michigan, or anywhere else.

For more information, please consult our website at

In solidarity,
– Michigan Against White Supremacy

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Hotels Alerted to Possible Presence of White Supremacists

On Friday, July 20, Michigan Against White Supremacy went to 18 different motels in the Kalamazoo area to distribute informational packets that warned motel staff of the hate speech and violent nature of individuals who are scheduled to attend the racist rally being held by Hal Turner on August 4. Many of the managers and staff that they spoke to were very receptive and assured that the information would be passed on to the rest of the motel’s employees. Some of the motel employees asked about the MAWS web page and several stated that the racist hate speech organizers would not be allowed to stay at their motel. Several motels had been visited by police officers and other concerned individuals, and had received a list of names of people who were likely attending the rally.

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Who is Randy Gray?

Randy Gray, a Michigan resident who will be speaking at Hal Turner’s white supremacist event in Kalamazoo on August 4, is an organizer with the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan. Gray has organized several racist events in the past three years, including a protest of Martin Luther King Day:

Since 2005, Gray has filed the paperwork necessary to air the program “This is the Klan” on Midland Community Television. The program, hosted by Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft, is a thirty minute program designed primarily for viewing on the Internet. Additionally, Gray maintains a website listing upcoming programs of interest to the racist movement. On that page the program “Yahweh’s Truth” by Michigan racist James Wickstrom is also listed.

Gray has been in other events with and without the Ku Klux Klan in recent years as well. He is quoted in a May 2004 article in the Tennessean in which the Ku Klux Klan planned a rally against a “Gay Day” event at the “Dollywood” theme park. Gray is quoted in the article stating that he organized the protest because the “Gay Day” event is “totally opposite of what theme parks are for,” expressing concern that somehow the theme park was no longer for “families.” That article also says that Gray has organized Klan rallies and protested city council meetings in Newport, Tennessee. Gray was twice kicked out of city council meetings for protesting the city’s permitting process in relation to a Klan protest against the Martin Luther King holiday.

Gray has also made a number of racist statements including:

It’s time that people wake up and realize diversity and multiculturalism is a plague on our society. It’s been a plague ever since it started in this country.

Read more about Gray in the article “Michigan Klan Member to Speak at Kalamazoo White Supremacist Event” on

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Kalamazoo on “Eye on Hate” Radio Again

The “Eye on Hate” radio program–a weekly project of Citizens against Hate featured the Kalamazoo rally on its July 19 program. The show discussed some of the groups behind the rally and reported that white supremacist Bill White’s racist group, the American Socialist Workers Party, is allegedly planning a seperate event in the city that day.

Listen to the show

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Who is Pastor James Wickstrom?

Among the speakers scheduled for Hal Turner’s August 4 rally is Pastor James Wickstrom, a Michigan resident who is an advocate of the racist Christian Identity religion. Wickstrom–who served two terms in prison in relation to his white supremacist organizing–has a long history of being involved with the racist right. Wickstrom has repeatedly attacked Jewish people, asserting that they are the descendents of Satan and advocating for their destruction. Wickstrom once said:

I’d like to see these Jews all be brought to the VA [Veterans Administration hospital] and wooden chairs be put down on the lawn. Tie the Jews in. Bring these veterans down who have been mutilated, physically mutilated, their lives ruined without the opportunity of a family or children, and give them baseball bats and let them beat these Jews to death! Every one of them!

Take these chairs and Jews after they’re beaten to death, throw ’em in the wood chipper! And from the wood chipper let the remains go into a big incinerary truck, which is right behind the wood chipper, and give them the holocaust they rightly deserve!

Read more about Wickstrom’s history in “‘Pastor’ from Michigan has a Long History of Involvement in the White Supremacist Movement”

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