M.O.D. Show Uncanceled at Macs, Owner Chuck Mannino goes back on his word

August 12, 2008 at 12:27 pm 1 comment

It is despicable but true.  Here's the situation.

Macs Owner Chuck Mannino had been saying the show was
cancelled. Last Thursday Chuck told myself and others that
there was no way the show would happen. He stated the that
the M.O.D. show is canceled as did members of his staff.
He stated the same members of the Hip Hop group FOS and to
DJ Ruckus.  FOS hosts the monthly hip hop night, 
"Respiration" at Mac's and had told Chuck that they would
move their monthly event to a different venue if the
M.O.D. show took place.  FOS and DJ Ruckus had been
working to get Chuck to cancel the show.  Chuck was
planning (or at least pretending to plan) to have FOS
and DJ Ruckus play an "anti-racist" show in place of
the M.O.D. event to cover the cost of cancelling the
M.O.D. event and to demonstrate that
Mac's is a tolerant place.  The replacement show will
not be happening and Chuck has chosen to have the M.O.D.

Over this past weekend, Chuck did not answer any phone
calls and this (tuesday) morning he texted FOS saying
the M.O.D. Show was no longer cancelled because he
could not get ahold of the booking agent.
Chuck has gone back on his word.

This has become about more than the disgusting songs of
M.O.D. This is about more than the fact that Chuck
Mannino and Mac's are hosting a Racist, Homophobic,
Anti-Immigrant and all around ignorant band.  This is
about more than trying to influence our music scenes
and community in a positive way.

Now, this is also about a local business and music
venue that is playing us for fools.  Its about Chuck
Mannino having no integrity and him being willing to
do anything for a lousy buck. Mac's has in the past
been a place supportive of independent, underground
and progressive music.  Those days are gone.  Under
Chuck's direction, Mac's is about the money and
nothing else. During this whole situation, several
people have been in contact saying they are glad
someone is addressing racist and homophobic
tensions at Mac's.  Its clear now that Chuck is
not interested in addressing problems and only
cares about the money, not about the music.

Chuck Mannino is a coward who can not be
trusted. Not ever again.  Don't spend money
there and don't book shows there.  Mac's is not
a welcoming place and won't be
until someone else owns it.

What can we do?
here are things we can do.

1. Call Chuck Mannino with your thoughts
   Cell Number: 517.614.2362

2. Come to a mass demonstration outside of Macs on
   Monday, August 18th (Time TBA)
   2700 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912

3. Tell your friends, neighbors, bands you know,
people you know who work at macs, etc.. about the
show and about Chuck playing us all for fools.

4. Don't go to Mac's anymore, don't book shows
their as a band or artist and get the word out
about the double handed way things go down over

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M.O.D. Show Cancelled After Public Pressure Protest The M.O.D. Show at Mac’s On Monday

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  • 1. Sylas Melanoma  |  August 13, 2008 at 4:21 am

    Chuck has no ethics. I’ve been boycotting Mac’s since the beginning of March of this year for the way he treats local bands, his incompetence and, most importantly, his inexcusable language on a couple of occasions.

    I’m happy to see people are willing to stand up against this.

    Creative use of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and hate-mongering are two different things and he either doesn’t understand or care about that distinction. Regardless of the band’s supposed intent, these lyrics would easily fit on a skinhead record.

    The only thing that shock me about this is that he even agreed to stop the show in the first place.

    I miss the old days when Mac’s was a fun place with a good vibe. I still enjoy a lot of bands who do play there but I refuse to attend shows at that venue. My conscience won’t let me.

    Regardless of the outcome, I won’t be returning to Mac’s until and if someone else is in charge.

    As for this show, good luck. By the way, his excuse is laughable.

    —Sylas M.


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