M.O.D. Show Cancelled After Public Pressure

August 8, 2008 at 2:09 am Leave a comment

M.O.D. Show at Mac's Uncanceled, Owner Chuck Manino goes back
on his word.

The M.O.D. Show that was to take place at Mac's bar has been
canceled.  The owner chuck has decided to cancel the show after
public pressure. Chuck has personally stated to folks working
on this issue and to members of F.O.S., who host the monthly
hip hop night, Respiration at Mac's, that the M.O.D. show will
not happen.  This should be seen as a victory both in
preventing racist bands from playing but also as an example
of how we have the power to shape what our music scenes and
communities look like.  We have alot more say in how things
happen than we think.  By taking action and speaking up,
even parts of lansing culture that have their contradictions,
over time, can be what we hope them to be.

This victory should not be seen as the end of this story, but
the beginning.  It can help start conversations that need to
be had.  There are contradictions both in our music and our
actions that, while not as explicitly fucked up as M.O.D.,
still need to be dealt with.  Finding a way to confront these
contradictions without simply saying fuck you, but acting in
a way that helps us address them and move forward, is the real
challenge of this situation.

thanks to everyone who got involved.

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Bigoted, Racist Band to Play At Macs Bar M.O.D. Show Uncanceled at Macs, Owner Chuck Mannino goes back on his word

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