Bigoted, Racist Band to Play At Macs Bar

August 7, 2008 at 3:21 pm Leave a comment

Owner Chuck Mannino Refuses to Cancel Show

Download a flyer about this here: Flyer Side 1 and Side 2

M.O.D. is a racist, homophobic and anti-immigrant band that has no place in the lansing community. Members of this band were formerly part of Stormtroopers of Death, S.O.D. also known as “Speak English Or Die”.

M.O.D will be playing Monday, August 18th at Mac’s Bar in Lansing. Their full songs and disturbing lyrics can be found here.

Mac’s is looking to make money off of intolerance and racism. Chuck, the owner of Macs’s and the person who books the bands at Mac’s bar has been contacted about this band and told of their views. He has been asked to cancel the show and has refused to do so.

Its up to us to change his mind.

Call Chuck and tell him to cancel the show or stop in at Mac’s (2700 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912) and let them know that the show needs to be cancelled and if it isn’t, you won’t be going back to Mac’s.

Chuck Mannino: 517.614.2362

If the show isn’t cancelled, see you outside Mac’s on August 18th because together we can shut it down. We believe it has no place here and should be canceled and if needs be, shut down. Read the lyrics and decide for yourself.

Is this garbage something that belongs in our music scenes and communities? In the past, Macs has been welcoming to independent, progressive and underground music. Macs has cancelled racist bands. But that was under different owners. With Chuck in charge, the new Mac’s would rather make money off of racists than respect the community.


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Shut Down Racist band to Play at Mac’s M.O.D. Show Cancelled After Public Pressure

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