Turner Calls for Lynchings

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Internet radio talk show host Hal Turner has called for lynchings in a post on his website’s comment forum, stating that Kalamazoo needs “a couple of lynchings” to address the so-called crime problem. This statement is only one of many that Turner has made in his career advocating violence as a political tactic and as a means of intimidating people of color.

A brief selection of Turner’s statements is featured below, for more consult the Mediamouse.org article “Racist Rally Organizer’s Call for “Lynchings” in Kalamazoo Part of a History of Extremely Violent and Racist Statements:”

In regard to the current immigration debate, Turner has threatened to assassinate politicians supporting immigration reform:


Focusing on undocumented immigrants, on April 1, 2006 Turner claimed that Mexicans are “sub-human” and advocates machine gunning immigrants at protests:

These filthy, disease ridden, two-legged bags of human debris are too stupid to believe… Just think, America, if we bring enough of them here, they can do for America exactly what they did for Mexico! Turn our whole country into a crime-ridden, drug infested slum….These people are sub-human. I would love it if folks who do have such weapons, used them on the crowds on April 10 [at immigration rallies]. I advocate machine gunning these invaders to death at their rallies!

In December 2005, Turner argued advocated lynching African-Americans whom he described as a “beast” “species” that is different due to genetics:

How many times do these things have to happen before the rest of America wakes up to the fact that whites and blacks are totally incompatible? We are two separate species that simply cannot exist together because our very genetics make us so different. This beast should be LYNCHED!

On November 6, 2005, turner commented on North African immigrant riots in France and once again argued that Africans have a genetic make-up that makes it impossible for them to live the “civilized” world:

I love the way the media tries to divert attention from who is really doing all this harm: SAVAGE NEGRO BEASTS! They are allowed into a civilized, white, first-world country. They cannot fit in because they simply do not have the genetic make-up to assimilate properly. Then they get angry that they cannot keep up; with rioting, pillaging and burning the inevitable result. When will the politically-correct crowd realize this irrefutable fact and stop pushing their stupid multi-culturalism on the civilized world?

On October 11, 2005, Turner advocated killing undocumented immigrants and expressed hope that his rhetoric would inspire killings:

For the second time in a week, multiple Mexicans have been found shot dead just inside the U.S. Border. ! I ADVOCATE KILLING MORE OF THEM! For years I have been publicly advocating on my radio show and this web site, that Mexican illegal aliens be SHOT DEAD as they cross into the U.S. illegally. Now, they ARE being shot dead! I hope my rhetoric contributed to their deaths. I plant the seeds verbally and the seeds grow in the minds of others…I am proud to advocate even MORE killings! Illegal aliens should be KILLED as soon as they cross the border into the U.S…. Water stations placed in the desert should be poisoned. When enough of the illegals are KILLED, the rest will get the message not to come here. Death is a great deterrent! Even better is that it takes around 36 hours before cops even find the dead bodies. You can go on “safari” to kill dozens of these brown-skinned, sub-human animals and be long gone before the cops ever find your handy work.

On September 25, 2002, Turner advocating killing Jewish Americans:

It is time to start killing Jews in the United States, cut their throat as they walk down the street, drive by and blast them with a shotgun…throw Molotov cocktails through their jewelry store windows and then Israel can ask us to stop.


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